Monday, April 11, 2005

March Meeting Review: Speaker- Jeanny Whittam

Our thanks to Jeannie and Mark for travelling such a long way to share their great knowledge with us.
Thanks also to our willing volunteer who bravely allowed us to se the condition of his live and dry blood.
Jeannie showed us the main indicators to look for in the health of live blood, along with the signs and markers for stress, calcium depletion and any vitamin deficiencies. We also saw white blood cells doing their work, hoovering up bacteria in the blood! With so much information to cover we had to speed through the main points of how to mobilise your lymphatic system: rebounding, body brushing, deep diapraghmatic breathing and bouncing on your heels.
This weekend Jeannie, assisted by Mandy Balcombe(who is in training to do the blood testing) has been booked solid with appointments. Not only have they been testing blood but they have also been muscle testing to show which supplements would be effective for your own body.
Jeannie's information packs are so extensive that for those that attended the talk and the personal consultation, a real taster of the Tony Robbins Life Mastery Programme has been provided! For more information on Life Master, visit:


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