Thursday, May 05, 2005

Next Meeting Wednesday, May 25, 2005: Speaker- Dave Bradley

‘How to become a millionaire’

This was the title given to a DTI sponsored business development seminar I attended in our first year of trading as CragRats. Such an intriguing title, but would I learn the secret? In reality it was the most uninspiring seven hours of didactic lecturing. Even so I learned two of the most valuable lessons of my life!

The first lesson was an instant revelation , one ‘golden’ statement, which changed the way we approached business.

The second has been a gradual dawning over several years and, in truth, it is a far more powerful lesson.

I won’t be doing didactic and it won’t take seven hours to give you these insights.

Dave Bradley biography

Co-founded CragRats in 1991 and is currently the Managing Director of CragRats Ltd. Based in the Holme valley we employ 70 wonderful people in our catering, education and training businesses.

Taught Economics and Business Studies in a large High school for 12 years and lectured on the Post Graduate Certificate of Education in charge of Social Sciences at Leeds University.

Judge in the Management Today / Unisys Service Excellence Awards

Writer and designer of educational resources including DVDs, written resources and even a Comic (TalkDog and Friends – 1 million copies used throughout UK primary sector)

Designed and delivered master classes for the winning teachers at the National Teaching Awards finals

Designs and delivers business and educational seminars and training events throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East.


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