Movement Wisdom- How Will This Session Help You?
This session will be hugely informative. But most importantly, Jason will make it a lot of fun and super-interactive for you. You will get to try out things for yourself and leave feeling great that night- regardless of whether you are young or old, unfit or super fit, healthy or unwell. Don’t miss this amazing session.

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“I have had the privilege of being Jason’s client and have to say he is an absolute miracle worker. If you have any pains in your body, or if you are looking to improve your strength /fitness, I can think of nobody better . And believe me , I know of some of the world’s best health and fitness professionals. And Jason is amongst the best, if not the best in his field”
Niri S Patel
Jason set up Temple Holistic in Leeds, to provide a first of it’s kind fitness centre that works to bring families and communities together through a combination of modern exercise and ancient holistic therapies.
Temple Holistic Fitness Centre blends ancient knowledge and training techniques with modern science and real world results to provide “mobility for life, fitness for fun”. It is the UK’s first physical culture centre and Jason kicked off a 2 year project to integrate traditional Chinese culture into people’s everyday exercise regimes in the run up to the Olympics in 2012.
Jason specialises in providing a holistic approach to fitness training, blending Tai Chi, Kettlebell and Qi Gong classes on a rotating programme to address the 3 key aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit within the new centre. Temple Holistic is also home to a range of therapists offering massage, acupuncture and reflexology.
Jason has successfully helped I welcome people of all ages and abilities, from toddlers in his Panda-Tot classes which teach the foundations of a successful life, to family classes where grandkids, who need to channel their energy can train together with parents and grandparents who want to learn to breathe better and move more easily.
Jason’s Movement Wisdom classes work with clients to help their joints to work correctly, bodies to look good, breathing to feed their bodies with oxygen efficiently, immune system to be strong, organs to be healthy and relationships to be strong.
Jason has worked in the fitness and well-being industry for 18 years, and regularly travels worldwide to be trained by the world’s best practitioners, focusing on the prevention, rather than treatment of illnesses. Jason aims to provide a level of support for all his clients that is unrivaled in the Leeds area and beyond.


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