Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wed 28 Aug- Dr Dave Hill Phd, DC: From Pain to Progress

Learn how  to have more energy, flexibility and resourcefulness in your spine and in your life…
What you will learn from attending this session with Dave is:
  • How to unlock patterns of stored tension and liberate energy
  • Learn to tap in to your body’s wisdom, and have the best support to remain resourceful in stressful times
  • Experience a more embodied approach to your personal development
In the springtime, in the course of 6 weeks, Dave ran the Paris marathon barefoot, moved house, got married and opened a business (Brighter Life Chiropractic)… What he is going to share with you at the Yes Group is some of the best strategies for greater wellbeing and what helped him keep relatively sane throughout that process!
About Dave:
  • Scientific background: degree and doctorate in Geochemistry.
  • Travelled the world for a couple of years, got exposed to the work of Tony Robbins and other personal development technologies.
  • Went on to head a training team to win several national training awards- the highest recognition for training in the UK.
  • Has a Marathon Personal Best time of 2h:51min
  • Went back to College at the age of 37 to gain his 3rd degree.
  • “A good egg”
Worked within the personal development arena for nearly 20 years, and now applying this to the field of personal effectiveness, with a mind-body centred approach, through chiropractic.

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Catherine Patel
Chair-Yes Group North


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