Monday, September 17, 2012

Wed 26 Sep - Be World Class: Olympic Thinking - Simon Hartley

This will be a superb follow-up presentation from last month!...
Simon Hartley with Gold Medallist Chris Cook
The Habits of World Class People
For 15 years I have worked with athletes and sports teams at the very pinnacle of the world. I have been intrigued to understand what differentiates truly world class people from the rest. Over the last 12 months, I have been interviewing a wide range of people at the very top of their profession. My mission: to identify those traits, habits and characteristics which are common to them all. During this session, I will share the 8 key characteristics and explain how we can apply them to our own lives and businesses.
At the end of the session people will:
- Know the 8 common habits that I've found, which differentiate world class people from their peers.
- See how those 8 traits impact on a set of world class people from diverse disciplines (chef, Olympic athlete, barista, adventure racer, mountaineer, special-forces team leader, etc).
- Understand how world class people think, make decisions, approach challenges and set backs.
- Be challenged to apply these principles to their own businesses. 

Olympic Thinking
Imagine if you thought like an Olympian. Imagine if you had the focus, the confidence and the motivation. Would it boost your performance? What if all of your team could also start to adopt Olympic Thinking? How much would that increase your performance?

If you rated the performance of your people on a scale of 1-10 today, what would their average score be? Would they average an 8 or 9, or would they be closer to a 5 or 6? Whatever their rating, my mission is to help you to significantly increase that average score consistently.

During this session, I'll share the strategies that I've used to increase the performance of Olympic squads, athletes, executives and businesses. We’ll identify the 3 key components that underpin consistent high performance, and how they feed each other. We’ll apply all of this to business performance, including how to turn around under-performance and reverse negative performance spirals.

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Catherine Patel
Chair-Yes Group North


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