Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Meeting- Wed 22 Jan 2014: Up Your Game in 2014- Janet Jones, Award Winning Happiness Millionaire

Increase your happiness
To increase your success.
It’s the only way!

Discover Look and Grow R.I.C.H in January and watch your year be amazing!
22nd January, Janet will be sharing 7 key steps to controlling your happiness and achieving greater success using images for results that stick!
1. Discover the big mistakes people make when it comes to being happy and successful
2. Find out why 97% of people are not living life how they really want to
3. Find out how YOU can make changes that last
Janet Jones, Your (Award Winning) Happiness Millionaire!
Janet is a self-confessed millionaire, not in money but in happiness, she is a leading breakthrough and happiness expert in the UK. Janet is the creator of Happiness Millionaire’s time tested success and happiness photographic system, as well as a coveted award winning international motivational speaker and trainer on success and happiness, having spoken in the U.K, Malaysia and Japan where she has been instrumental in inspiring others to achieve success.
After co-authoring the American book “The Path to Riches”, Janet was commissioned in August 2010 to create powerful images, which represent the 13 principles to the best time-tested system to success and happiness ever written.
Little did Janet know, at the time, how the creation of these images were not only going to change her life dramatically but also those of thousands of people around the world.
Janet and her daughter Iona set up the company Happiness Millionaire in 2011 and launched February 2012 with John Assaraf from the film ‘The Secret’ in London and Dublin. The company is based in the UK with a growing global recognition for success and happiness expertise.
Janet now speaks around the world, teaching her unique collection of images and real life steps to deep-rooted success and happiness, which have helped people double their income, overcome depression, start businesses and live a fulfilling life true to them. Due to how the images affect the mind, those who master Janet’s images have made progress quicker than they ever thought possible.

Meeting at Cedar Court Hotel, J24 off M62 Motorway, Ainley Top, Huddersfield


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