Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wed. 23rd Nov Meeting Niri Patel How to boost your energy and vitality.

An in house production this month from our very own speaker Niri Patel. Just back from a speaking engagement in the States, Niri is all fired up to WOW us with his wisdom once again.
Niri has been presenting and coaching in the field of health for over a decade now and has made an enormous difference to the lives of those he has worked with, in many cases, saved lives. His knowledge base is fantastic. He has been constantly learning from the worlds leading experts in health vitality and nutrition.
A Robbins style presenter with boundless energy and enthusiasm to move his audience, if you have not seen him present it is a must!
Bring your friends and family and prepare yourselves to make it through the most unhealthy time of the year and still have lots of energy!!
Looking forward to seeing you all,