Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wednesday 25th October Meeting: Live Blood Demonstrations.

Back with a more in depth version of the taster they gave us earlier in the year, Jane Hinchliffe and John Ogden, Dr of Natural Medicine, will be performing 2 live blood tests. They will also be explaining in more detail the various techniques they use, with the very latest technologies, to create a state of balance in the body in order to maximise healing and well being.

Those that were at their last presentation, will give testimony to the fact that it was both a fascinating and compelling evening. Both Jane and John, have been on their own separate but equally driven quests to become enlightened in the field of wellness.
John is trained in third world medicine as well being a Naturapath, Homeopath and Accupunturist. In his work he carries out a series of very detailed tests that show his clients what is going on inside their bodies.
Jane is a master practioner in NLP and Hypnotherapy. Classed as an Educational Trainer she compliments and developes John's work by showing the clients how conciousness affects our state of being and so ultimately our health.
Their recommendations come mainly in the form of food based products.

I am looking for two volunteers for free live blood tests on the evening. If you are brave and willing to share your live blood with a live audience then please contact me asap.
(01484 684041)
Looking forward to a brilliant evening.
Catherine Patel
Please note
For those interested in 'Fulfilled Relationships'
Brigitte Sumner is running a new course on Sunday 22nd October at the Light Centre Belgravia, London.For more details go to www.thebestofyou.co.uk or phone 01323 635033


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