Tuesday, February 28, 2006

March 22nd Meeting 'Is Reality Real?' Anne Peat.

Firstly, thanks again to Brigitte for an outstanding weekend. Some of the best sessions we have had yet, that were hugely beneficial to all who attended, not just because of the amazing skillset she has, but because of the learning environment created, and the bonds that are forged with group members when you experience something so special together.

This coming month also sounds very challenging and exciting.
If you enjoyed the trip to see the movie 'What the Bleep' then you will love the March talk.If you missed the movie, then come along and be prepared to see what it was all about and more.

Anne Peat is a Mortgage Advisor by profession and a student by passion.

Anne heard the phrase “we create our world with our thoughts and beliefs” and wondered how that was. How did it work? Her quest has been to understand this and tonight she will talk about how “Real” is reality and how we affect our reality by our beliefs.

Quantum science has been described as the place where science and spirituality meet and, using Quantum principles, Anne will show how our thinking affects the outcome of event, either positively or negatively.

Anne will also talk about how we, as individuals, can positively increase the power with which we can affect an event so as to increase the opportunities and coincidences which will bring about our desired outcomes.
7pm for 7:30pm start, bring your friends!
Catherine Patel.


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