Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Body Tuning & Health with Sound - Mandy Johnson (26 April)

Our thanks to Anne Peat for a superb and very thought provoking presentation last month, and look forward to the development of a future workshop to extend the subject later in the year.

Important Notice: Change of Speaker this month
Due to some unhappy family circumstances Jeanny Whittam has had to withdraw from her speaking slot this month and will be unable to offer 1-1 bloodtests at this point. we will be rescheduling her visit later on in the year.

For now, we send her all our love and good wishes.

Wednesday 26th April Speaker: Mandy Johnson, Body Tuning and Healing with Sound
Body Tuning is an exciting and very effective therapy developed by Mandy Johnson, that combines sounds and healing.

Mandy has been a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers since 1983. In the early 90's she studied the the benefits of Overtone Chanting. Mandy has developed this work into an amazing form of therapy that literally 'blasts' away pain by directing the resonances of chants at diseased or painful areas.

Mandy runs courses on Singing for Joy and Health as well as assemblage point shifting. She will be introducing us to Body Tuning and will give us a brief insight into the other areas she works in.

My special thanks to Mandy for stepping into the slot at such short notice.

Looking forward to seeing you all. 7pm for a 7:30 start.

Catherine Patel


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