Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wednesday 26th March Meeting- Nicky Pattinson

Yes Group North Celebration Event 19th April, Oulton Hall. 1:30pm start till late, supper and evening band included. Free event, courtesy of Catherine and Niri.
Attendance strictly by confirmation of booking directly from Catherine.

My thanks firstly to Jules and to Niri for standing in at the last minute last month, and doing an outstanding job!

Nicky Pattinson

Nicky pattinson is a professional speaker with a dynamic and inspirational story to tell.
Her story is a real life Northern drama with comedy, tragedy, and both crime and passion.
It is a story that reduces audiences to tears of sadness, joy and ultimately lifts them to new heights of hope and ambition.
Born in Holmfirth, and like those Pennine hills that were her childhood playground, Nicky is uncomprimising, gritty, sometimes wild and always breathtaking!
Nicky will be sharing her story, the consequences of events so severe that most people would have found too daunting to cope with, and how through her strength and uncrushable spirit, rebuilt an abundant life for herself and her young son.
Prepare to be moved!
7pm for 7:30pm start.
Bring a friend for the first time for free!
Looking forward to seeing you.
Catherine Patel


Blogger Power Lady said...

Nicky's story is inspirational. Loved hearing it and I was deeply moved; Ilaughed and cried. She's a survivor and just got on with in true Yorksire grit. What a lady to learn from, and be inspired by!!
I love the meetings and look forward to them. It's only my second time, but you really are a fabulous bunch and am looking forward to getting to know you more.

11:46 pm  
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