Monday, July 16, 2007

Wednesday 25th July - Making It Happen- Niri S Patel

Have you ever known someone who seems to always be on a roll?
What about someone who always seems to end up in a mess?
How about you?
Have you ever had a time when you were absolutely on a roll- everything you did seemed to turn out perfect, even the things that you previously got wrong or messed up?
How good did that make you feel?
Conversely, have you ever had a time where anything you tried just came out all wrong?
Even the things you usually do well?
How bad did that feel?
We all want to be successful. I have never met a person yet who wants to be a deliberate failure! Even those who mess up regularly, aspire to better things!
What if there was a way that you could tap into that secret recipe or formula to re-create that feeling of “being on a roll”, at will, on tap, even when you were having "one of those days"?
That is what you will learn to do in this internationally acclaimed workshop.

But does this stuff really work?
Yes, absolutely and it can work for you.
Why? Because:
  • Niri is well on his way to helping 1,000 business leaders to become millionaires around the world. It could be your turn next.
  • Niri has used these strategies to transform his own life as well as the life of those around him. (In the areas of family, health, finance, relationships, business, fun and fulfilment, contribution). And he is happy to share this with anyone who really wants to improve their results
  • Niri was instrumental in helping Andy Bounds, the world class presentations skills trainer to lose 1/3rd of his body weight without dieting, surgery or drugs- and keep it off 2 years later.
  • Change is inevitable but progress is not. Sometimes, it’s not a revolution, so much as a slight evolution that transforms your results and life experience. The smallest shift in thinking alone can transform your experience of life.
  • There are lots of other reasons but why don’t you come and find out how you can use this session to benefit yourself? Once you have seen and heard it for yourself, you will know in your heart how this can help you to make your life the way you want it to be.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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