Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bonus Session Opportunity

In August,Mayoor Patel from the Polio Children Foundation spoke at our meeting. It was an incredibly uplifting and humbling experience. The 'differently abled' students that his charity supports, are making astounding improvements to their lives. Their incredible achievements both physical and academic are superb.

After flying over three of these students to London to meet some of their sponsors, Mayoor has managed to alter their schedule in order to bring them to the North for one night only!

Having donated to the foundation, Mayoor would like me to extend an invitation to all the Yes Group North members to be guests at an evening of celebration of the achievements of these young people.

Mayoor's main passion after making sure the needs of these children are met, is to enable as many people as possible get a chance to meet and experience the mindset of these remarkable characters.

If you are able, and would like to attend this one off event in Heywood in Manchester this Saturday night, please contact;

Mayoor : 01204 846320 or 07973 192595

Subhdra : 01204 846320 or 07983 964666

Book your place asap.

Watch out for next weeks blog for the November meeting, (Wed 25th)


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