Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wednesday 29th April Meeting; Judy-May Murphy

Extra meeting this month

Judy-May Murphy

THE TINY, TINY THINGS THAT MAKE THE HUGE DIFFERENCE - This evening seminar/workshop will ensure that you leave with a new layer of easy and exciting things that work in tandem with all your current goals and plans,
Locating the one small thing in each area of your life that when changed will show immediate and lasting results.
'I'd like to make it really hands-on with the audience actually having a list of tiny things for their own lives such as changing caffeinated tea for Roiboss, kissing your lover on the mouth instead of the cheek when you leave the house, turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, adding a tin of beans to each pocket when you go for a walk (to burn more calories, not in case you get peckish on the way!), reading 'Intelligent Life' or 'Psychologies' magazine instead of 'Now' or 'Hello', having a cardboard box under the dining-room table that all receipts go into, adding the line,'when would you like to start, or 'how would you like to pay for that' at the end of every explanation of your product or services etc. Becoming conscious about 50 such small changes can revolutionise everything.'

Judy will start out by explaining the nature of change and habit by using new metaphors and examples that she's created. Every small change makes a huge difference, and keeping it small keeps us feeling good and successful.

Judy-May is flying in especially to add value to the group. She is a totally dynamic speaker and most definately walks her talk! Join us again for an extra session this month.
7pm - 7:30pm start.


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