Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wednesday 22nd April meeting; Una Doyle

“Perform at Your Peak in a Week!”Wednesday 22 April at 7pm - Cedar Court Hotel, Ainley Top, Jn 24, M62

In these challenging times what is most important to you in your career or business? Is it to?
 Keep top performers longer?
 Increase productivity and profits?
 Reduce politics, back-biting and unnecessary stress and conflict?
 Increase repeat business and referrals from customers?
 Reduce the risk of recruiting unsuitable staff?

Una Doyle, an international award-winning speaker will deliver her keynote “Perform at Your Peak in a Week!” together with a workshop where she will coach you on how to apply what you have discovered to your situation as well as help you to overcome any barriers to implementation. After all, it’s not what you learn but what you apply that will make the difference… True?

After this event, you will:
 Have discovered 7 key principles of peak performance
 Understand 5 key trends that determine why a different, more personal approach to business is required
 Get how you can benefit from collaborating and teamwork whether you are self-employed or part of a large corporate
 Know the 3 essential questions to ask to identify where is best for you to start
 Have discovered small practical steps that you can implement in only a week to give you enduring improvements to your performance (and those that work for you)

On Wednesday 22 April Una is speaking at YES Group North, a monthly personal development group with a great crowd. If you’re a regular you’ll know what value you get at only £8 per person and if this is your first time attending you get to go for free! The event starts with registration and networking at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Bring your business partners, colleagues, your team and your friends – anybody but your competitors! To attend turn up on the night or pre-register at

For more information on Una Doyle or to register for her newsletter visit

Please Note: Extra meeting
Wednesday 29th April with Judy May Murphy, not to be missed!

Details in next post.