Friday, June 20, 2014

Wed 25 Jun: Rising Out of A Recession by Eric Ho

Eric Ho, international motivational speaker, has taught thousands around the world how to create multiple streams of passive income, if you like the sound of working less and earning more, then don't miss out on this event

Eric Ho is the proud owner and Founder of the YoYo Group, his group of companies have allowed him to achieve financial freedom and success at a surprisingly young age.  His current business portfolio spans from, the largest Steel & Tyre recycling plant in the UK, to his own non-profit organisation (YoYo Mission) which provides a loving home and education for 243 wonderful kids out in Kenya. 

Eric has a passion for food and an extensive history and background in the catering industry which has allowed him to build a fast growing international QSR Franchise.

With this passion and burning desire to create something that would leave a legacy behind,  YoYo Noodle, a fast food noodle bar franchise, and the brainchild of Eric began its developments in early 2006. To him, franchising was the perfect way to share his business acumen and experience to help aspiring business owners in getting ahead of the game.

Franchising for Eric allowed him to create a solid system and business model which would help those who have a desire to be financially free achieve their goals, his system is a solid business model which enables his franchisees to earn passive income while at the same time being a part of a team of passionate and strong individuals, creating something big.

In just over 1 year Eric has led his team to becoming the fastest growing noodle bar franchise in the UK. During this time he has also managed to strike a deal, signing off the Master Franchise Agreement to India and Nigeria. YoYo Noodle as a brand is well on its way to becoming recognised globally for its distinctive flare and flavour.

Eric not only has an acute business acumen, he is also a international motivational speaker specialising in Peak Performance, Business, Leadership and Management.

Eric has been fortunate to acquire a wealth of knowledge and skills over the years, which has led to his success, this motivated him to set up his own personal development company QIS (Quantum Institute of Success) which is a platform for personal development seminars and life coaching. QIS itself has helped transform the lives of thousands globally, holding events around the world, making important changes and shifts in peoples lives to help them realise their true potential.

He now holds seminars all around the world including China, India and the UK.Aside from setting up his own Events company, Eric has also spoken on multiple platforms and stages including, the Entrepreneurs Summit 2014, Indian Restaurant Congress 2014, British Franchise Exhibition, the Franchise Show, Internations Beijing, and the Entrepreneurs Organisation Beijing to name a few.

Eric is a firm believer in helping those less fortunate than himself and in 2010 he set up his own non-profit organisation called YoYo Mission, which he chairs. Eric is a firm believer in being hands on in helping people, after setting up his Charitable organisation he built an orphanage out in Kenya which he has contained his efforts to helping teach them to become a self sustaining orphanage, teaching them to grow their own crops and how to sell them for money.

His orphanage's original intake was around 63 children and today, 3 years on it has 243 beautiful kids. The orphanage has not only provided a home to these children, it has also provided them with an education and a brighter future. Eric is dedicated to contributing beyond himself and has plans to expand the orphanage to give even more children a home and a future that all children deserve.


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