Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Personal Development Stories - 14 Dec

Our final meeting of 2005 and a chance to review what we have learned, and more importantly, how we have changed as a result of that learning.

Last year we were amazed when we looked back and saw what we had actually covered and began to think about the changes we are all making. It is really important to look back and acknowledge the growth we are getting as a result of our commitment to new learning.

By far, the best bit of our December meeting is the part where we get to hear short presentations from members of the group about their own personal development journey. It is always fascinating to learn about the turning points in people's lives and to find out about the books and courses that have made such an impact.

I always say that our meetings are going to be uplifting and if last year's meeting is anything to go by, this one will be a cracker!!

See you there,



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