Monday, November 20, 2006

22nd November Meeting: Dr Satinder Jagdev.

Dr Satinder Jagdev, MRCP(UK) PhD. 'Notes From a Friend'

This month we will have the very great privilege of hearing the amazing story of Dr Satinder Jagdev. In her words she has;
'been living in West Yorkshire for the last 5 years with my husband and two gorgeous children. I am a doctor specialising in the treatment of cancer and am currently based at St James' University Hospital, Leeds. My PhD work and continued interest is in breast cancer. My first encounter with Anthony Robbins was on being accidentally booked onto UPW. I thought I was going to a seminar on nutrition-what a shock! His ideas have hugely influenced my personal development ever since. I have gone on to complete the fantastic Mastery University programme and become a certified practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming.'
Satinder will expand on her story, and share with us how her journey into personal development has influenced and benefitted her work. Particularly given some of the very sensitive issues and challenges with patients she has had to face.
Satinder will lead us through a number of exercises on focus and questioning based on the exercises in 'Notes From a Friend' by Anthony Robbins. The foundation of personal development that is so valuable, and yet so easily forgotten.
Satinder is a much valued member of our group. Her positivity and contribution to all our meetings is greatly appreciated and we shall really look forward to her special contribution this week.
Please note
For anyone interseted in any extra personal development boosts check out based in manchester, and a new and exciting venture launching in London on the 2nd December;


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