Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday 24th January Meeting: Jean Outhwaite

Happy New Year! Another new start, and to kick us off this year, we will be focussing on the many and varied ways in which we present ourselves. This month, with the expert help of Jean Outhwaite, we will be looking at aspects of our personal image, followed next month by Andy Bounds and some detailed work on how you get what you present to stick and have the maximum impact.

Wednesday24th January.

Jean Outhwaite (AFIC)
Personal Image Coach

Jean heads Anderson-Knight – Personal & Corporate Image Consultants,

Jean Outhwaite is a Personal and Corporate Image Coach, there are many ways of defining what Jean does, but perhaps the most succinct is to say it is delivering success and increased business performance enabling people who want to change the way they feel about themselves, through their appearance and persona.

She has clients in the private and public sector along with individuals and teams from shop floor to the CEO. Clients include many Peak Performance Entrepreneurs, Barclays, Corus Steel, NHS, RBS, several Law firms and Accountants.

In her presentation, Jean will be covering;

What is personal Image?
Why is it so Important?
Inspection of your reflection – group exercise
How to get your message heard.

As a nation we tend to be quite bashful about our abilities, whereas in today’s modern highly technical world you have to put that to one side and learn to deliver your values, qualities, attitude, beliefs and results through you personal image and persona.

93% of personal and corporate image can be viewed as the circle of success, in which looking good and acting appropriately with integrity is the starting point of the journey. A journey of confidence building, self discovery and changed thinking, leads to improved self-esteem benefiting the individual and the business return.

Be ready for some surprises, as how we see ourselves is often not how we are seen by others – do you need a careful inspection of your reflection?

We are all really adept at setting our goals now. It will be an interesting start to the year to focus on how we can implement them with maximum success.

Meeting dates for the year as follows;
Feb 28th Andy Bounds: 'Five Ultimate Communication Rules'
Mar 28th Anne Peat Part two: 'Creating Your Own Reality'
Apr 25th Una Doyle and Julian Hughes:An introduction to' The Secrets of Getting from Stuck to Success.'
May 23rd.TBC
June27th, July25th, Aug 22nd, Sept26th, Oct 24th, Nov 28th, Dec 12th.
Looking forward to another great year!
Catherine Patel.


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