Thursday, February 08, 2007

Feb 28 Meeting: Andy Bounds- The 5 Ultimate Communication Rules-7 for 7.30pm

I’m delighted to say that we have an absolutely outstanding speaker coming to share his views with us on 28th February. His name is Andy Bounds and he is the best person that either Niri or I have come across (having seen lots and lots of speakers!) at helping people get their message across in ways that work.

What’s even better about what he does is his delivery. He is very entertaining and varied, so you remember things that he says literally months after hearing him say them!
He’s going to talk about something that is very dear to all our hearts. All of us do what we do because we love it. And know that it provides a real certainty for people. If you like, it helps both us and them.

And, I guess we’re all the same here. We’d like to help as many people as we can. We have such a passion for what we do that we want to share it with everybody who we can help.

Of course, convincing people to come to us for our help, our guidance, our support is never that easy. And it can just be so frustrating if we’ve spoken to someone who we know we can help, but then they choose not to come to us. Whichever way you look at it, that’s not what we want. We’ve lost a piece of business. We’ve lost an opportunity to share our passion, worst of all, we’ve missed the opportunity to help somebody. Somebody who really could have done with our skills.

Andy is going to share with us his way of getting people to buy into our passion, buy into what we do, buy into us… And, ultimately, buy from us.

He travels the world helping people to persuade others. Niri and I have seen him a number of times now, and he always delivers way more than anyone could ever have expected.

Many of Andy’s skills, and much of his passion for his subject, have been derived from his family background. His mother is blind. So, he has spent a lifetime helping someone he loves communicate from their point of view, not his own. And he has used these skills, this insight to come up with some totally unique, original and inspirational ways to help people convince others. And that is what he is going to share with us this month. (He has even derived a set of “five ultimate communications rules” from communicating with his mother over the past 37 years. These five rules will make a difference to anyone who hears them, and I really know you’ll get incredible value from hearing him speak.
Please feel free to bring along anyone you know who you think would benefit from hearing Andy's message- you can be sure it will be a good use of their time!
Look forward to seeing you there!
Catherine Patel


Blogger Duncan said...

hi catherine,just back from holidays and as always took two books with me to read,duncan bannatyne and the jelly effect.
i went to google and typed in niri patel and got onto this site.
i'm in the hairdressing business and my job is to make people look and feel fantastic.i also teach business coaching and team building.i really enjoyed andy's book and he made a reference to niri in the book.keep in touch as i would be interestedin traveling to huddersfield or anywhere infact to learn as i am very passionate and proud of my industry.
kind regards,
duncan kenna.

7:07 pm  

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