Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday 23rd April: Board Breaking Workshop

Our thanks to Nicky for sharing her great story with us last month.

Wednesday 23rd.

Ever really wanted to break through your limiting beliefs? Quite literally!
Come along to the workshop next Wednesday and do just that.
You have seen it done from the front of the room, now it is your turn to experience it as a group, and feel the energy explode as people challenge themselves and break through bondaries to new dimensions of possibility.
Remember, if you can't, you must!!
Friends go free first time.
7pm for 7;30pm start.
See you there.
Catherine Patel

For those booked in on the Saturday 19th April event at Oulton Hall (fully booked)
Start time 1:30pm till late (midnight)
Have lunch first, we are providing dinner and a band after all the speakers (8 of them)
There will be a tea break mid afternoon.
As you come up the drive bear right at the top to the new trendy building the Claret jug suite, we are not in the old hall.
Prompt start please, the speakers will be quick fire 1/2 hour slots.
looking forward to seeeing you there!


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