Thursday, December 03, 2009

16th December- Christmas bash!

Christmas party and review of the year.

Do you ever stop to think how much you have given to yourself over the last year? Do you consider how much of a difference you have been able to give to others by your growth?
Well this is the week to do it!!
Please come and join your amazing peer group and review what we have learned together as well as reflecting on what else you have given to yourself and others.

We will share some stories from people within the group as well as looking back over the workshops we have had.
There will be party food with mulled wine and mince pies so come prepared to eat!

Please confirm your attendance with Jules Wyman for catering purposes;

7pm for 7:30pm start.

Meeting dates for next year.
Jan 27th. Feb 24th.( note this now changed back to the 4th wed as normal.)
MarchSat 27th? 10th Year Anniversary Party event to be confirmed.
April 28th. May 26th. June 23rd. July28th. Aug 25th. Sept 22nd. Oct 27th. Nov 24th Dec 15th.

Happy Holidays everyone!
Catherine Patel.


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