Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wednesday 27th January 2010 Meeting with John Leach and Geoff Liberman.

Happy New Year to everyone! This our Tenth Year is set to be better than ever!Catapulting us into the new decade are two highly successful entrepreneurs. They will be sharing their stories, their work ethic and their expertise in lauching and running on line businesses.

Enclosed are just some of the outstanding achievments John Leach and Geoff Liberman have accomplished.

John Leach

John has a background as an entrepreneur with a strong emphasis on sales and marketing. He gained much of his experience in founding and building a specialist food and wine import and distribution business, mainly importing from Italy and supplying to the Food Service Industry.

He founded T&L Fine Food & Wine Ltd in 1978 rapidly building a national distribution business with depots in London , Leeds and Edinburgh. When he sold the business to Cannon Street Investments plc in 1994 the company had sales of over £35 million supplying many of the major high street restaurant chains.

He has since pursued several business interests as well as working as an Area Director helping Niri Patel with his BNI business in the Yorkshire Region from 2001 to 2009

He recently bought an on line retail business Beads Direct Ltd. selling beads , crystals and jewellery making accessories etc. as he sees the internet as one of the few ways today for owners of small niche businesses to develop a business of a worthwhile scale and create value quickly.

He is married to Pam and has two children Ben aged 17 and Kate 15 (going on 26).

After his family his main passions are cooking, Italian wine and walking in the Yorkshire Dales.

Geoff Liberman

Born in Manchester in 1954, Geoff started life in a council house with his parents, three brothers and a sister.

His mother and father were keen dancers and at the age of six they started to motivate him to learn Ballroom and Latin American dancing. Over the next ten years he was competing throughout the UK successfully and finally became fifth in the World Junior Championship. He left school at fifteen and started to teach dancing. By the age of twenty-five he was running his own dance school in Altrincham, Cheshire employing fifteen full time teachers. Over the next ten years he operated his own school in Altrincham and became a partner in two schools in London and one in Birmingham.

In 1989 he sold his interests in these businesses and used his teaching, motivational sales skills to develop a sales and marketing organisation. Over the next six years his new business sold over £100m of environmental products throughout Europe.

He sold this business in 1995 and at the age of 40 became semi-retired, moving to the sun in the South of France. He believes he was too young and became bored. Within a few years he was looking for a new business opportunity, and a new income stream.

After pursuing several unsuccessful business ventures he states “sometimes you have to take the wrong path to find the right one, we all go through winters, that hopefully prepare us and make us stronger so we can appreciate and make our summers longer.”

In 1998 he was introduced to Euphony Communications and became an independent Business Consultant with the company. For the past eleven years his main efforts have been with this company and his organisation throughout eight countries to date turns over 92% of the companies £100m annual turnover.

Thousands of businesses have benefited over the years through Geoff’s unique hands on teachings and motivational trainings, many individuals who have embraced his philosophy and concepts have become financially independant.

This is a rare and extremely special opportunity to learn from two business masters whose time we could not buy. Please bring along anyone you know with an interest in business.

7pm for 7:30pm start.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Catherine Patel


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