Tuesday, February 09, 2010

24th Feb ( revised date) Meeting : Una Doyle

Please Note
The february Date is back at 24th the 4th Wednesday.

My thanks to John Leach and Geoff Liberman for the really informative and passionate presentations last month and for sharing their amazing stories.

Also Note important booking details for the 10th Anniversary event Sat 27th March Follow after this months details. This will be the only Yes Group Event in March.

Una Doyle
YES Group North – Feb 2010 Copy:

Simple Secrets to Relationship Success
One thing that we as human beings all have in common is the desire to love and be loved. Yet how is it that when it comes to relationships so many of them never get properly started, don’t last very long or end up with two miserable people? How is that people who started out feeling so in love can end up feeling lonely and rejected?

Attend this session to discover simple secrets to relationship success in getting and enjoying a wonderful romantic relationship. Secrets that you can start applying straight away. Secrets that you can apply to all sorts of relationships with your friends, family and in business.

After this session:
In a relationship?
 Discover how to create a relationship where you feel truly loved
 Identify the steps to increase romance and improve your love life
 Discover how to repair the damage of past hurts

Currently single or dating?
 Discover how to ensure they keep calling
 Discover how to avoid new relationships faltering at the first hurdle
 Identify how to create the relationship you really want from the beginning

Steve Ireland and Una Doyle have blended their diverse experiences and knowledge to apply proven concepts in their unique way with amazing results in a forthcoming online relationship programme.

“We want to help others experience for themselves the magic of our relationship,” said Una. “It’s so wonderful to know what works for us and how to identify what can work for you too. It just keeps getting better and better!”

A selection of comments from attendees of our "Simple Relationship Success Secrets" Workshop:

"It will give you a new perspective on all your relationships; social, business, romantic and personal. It is a must attend experience."
Kenneth Spencer, Manchester UK

"Steve and Una were very authentic, working in harmony with each other. I loved the session they ran about relationships which was very insightful and helpful. They were inspiring to listen to."
Julie Silver, Optimal Health Consultancy, www.JulieSilver.co.uk

"They can tell you how to freshen up a relationship, with steps that are easy to follow and carry out."
John Patrick Quinn, Manchester UK

"Really connected couple, walking their talk and enjoying it."
Yvonne Halling, www.MadAboutBubbly.com

"An inspirational, infectious couple."
Debbie Evran, www.firecreative-uk.com

"They are a living example of what they are teaching - in a very sensitive and humble way."
John Donaldson, Positive Input

10th Anniversary of Yes Group North!!!

Celebrate in Style at the Alea Casino Clarence Doc Leeds. ( in front of the Royal Armouries)

To book your Free place for this amazing evening with a 3 course meal prepared by award winning chef Vineet Bhatia, speakers, music and your chance to test your metal and do an arrow bend, go to,


It is vital that you book your place asap as places are limited and later numbers will be asked to pay for their meal.

We are asking that everyone make a donation of £15 to show commitment to attending and this will then be a charity donation at the end of the night. Members will vote for which charity.

All details for the venue and the programme for the evening are on the booking site,

Follow instructions, once you have made your donation payment you will recieve an email with a ticket to print and I will recieve an email to say you have booked!!

Then all you need to do is get out the 'glad rags'!!!

We should all be really proud of the investments we have made in ourselves over the last decade. It will be an honour to celebrate that altogether.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
Catherine Patel.


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