Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday 28th May meeting: Una Doyle

Yes Group North – Wednesday, 28 May
Come along to YES Group North in May for something different.. . YES Group North’s own fun personal development and spiritual growth expert, Una Doyle, will bring an interesting slant on her more recent journey through life with lessons that we all can benefit from.

It promises to be a fun and exciting learning experience… Una said: “Come along – you’ll get to do something that you’ve probably never done before in a personal development event and I feel you’ll love it… Bring your partner if you’ve got one, they’ll love it too!”

Una has worked with individuals and groups in personal and spiritual growth for more than five years helping people to shift and change patterns of feelings and behaviours that have held them back in their business and personal lives.

An award-winning international speaker, she is delighted to be back in front of the YES Group after some time making interesting changes in her life and business and developing her ideas and material. This fascinating journey is also being reflected in her forthcoming book. For more information, visit Una’s website:


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