Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday 25th June Meeting; Richard Wilkins

Richard Wilkins.

Richard Wilkins was a self made multi-millionaire through property development in the 80's. Almost overnight he lost his fortune and crashed from being a 'Millionaire in a Mansion' to a 'Bankrupt in a Bedsit'. At rock bottom, broke and suicidal, Richard had an epiphany and began inspiring people with his breakthrough. 18 years and thousands of inspired lives later Richard has worked out how to transfer the magic to others permanently.

Come along and hear Richard's amazing story along with his superb strategies for success!

Another event for your diary!
Vital Health Seminar with Niri Patel.

Monday 23rd June 7:30pm-9:30pm
Upperthong J. and I. school, Burnlee Rd, Holmfirth, HD9 2LE

Tickets great value at only £5!!!

Come along to this dynamic and motivational health talk and pick up lots of easy to apply ideas, and try lots of juices and smoothies.

Please confirm your attendance with Catherine;
numbers limited.

Also note, free tickets, worth £97 available for Yes Group members for the Michael Gerber event at the Royal Armouries Leeds. Tues 24th June, morning talk or afternoon talk.
FREE DreamStart Tickets for Yes Group North Members.
To take advantage of this one-off opportunity, click on the following link and quote ‘Yes Group North’ in the 'Membership Number/Booking Code’ box:


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