Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday 26th May Meeting: Stuart Powell

Our thanks to Dave Bradley and his team for an exciting multimedia presentation!

Stuart Powell
Stuart Powell is a dynamic speaker and trainer who is coming back to YES Group North to share with us a unique and interactive workshop on 6 core elements of what it takes to help create a winning environment for personal and business success.

Having once been one of the youngest professionally qualified coaches in the country, Stuart runs his own company working with businesses and organisations across the country successfully developing leaders, entrepreneurs and teams, whilst also speaking passionately about his generation.

He will share examples from his own entrepreneurial journey plus those of others, which when linked to his insights into his own generation and what we need to be aware of about them, will make this a workshop not to be missed!

This workshop will cover:

· The 6 core elements we need to have in place to help create personal and business success

· 1 critical thing we need to do make the most of our opportunities

· What is LUCK and how to create more of it if we want to

· The first 6 levels of career and entrepreneurial value and how to develop these for greater fulfilment

· What is different about Stuarts’ generation (AKA “gen y”) and why do we need to be paying attention to them?

Last year Stuart was highlighted by the Yorkshire Post as being one of the top 100 people aged under 30 most likely to influence the region in the coming years. He is an Ambassador for Young Enterprise and is about to start writing his first business book. Stuart and his company, Inspiring Influence, are all about developing the next business generation.

7pm for 7:30pm
bring your friends!

Our charity pot of £900 from the 10th Anniversary event will be split equally between the 3 winning charities;

Cancer Research
and Polio Children.
Thanks to all those who contributed.



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