Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wed 27 Aug Meeting: Karen Shaw & Dave Hill

This month we have 2 great speakers for you!
Karen Shaw is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist who helps people feel better about their lives, regain control, find balance and enjoy life. Karen calls it "lifestyle rescues and remedies". Karen’s purpose in life is helping others realize they have so much more control over their life than they might at first realize. They can create a life they desire and turn around their perception and experience of any situation.

Some two years ago, Karen was a divorced single mum with three sons, two labelled disabled, no maintenance, no support, financially, physically or emotionally and diagnosed as depressed. During her nlp training Karen discovered who she really was, the power of positive thought, that she controlled her life and created her own reality consciously or unconsciously. Karen’s learning started here and continues today.
Karen says “The most important and spectacular change is my relationship with my amazing and wonderful sons. I am passionate about passing on the tips and tools I've learnt that really make the difference in what you experience with others, especially the things that have allowed the incredible transformation in my teenagers
I've 'reframed' my boys and want to share the way to achieve the transformation "From Moronic to Magical Teen"
In my presentation to the Yes Group I would hope to explain a little about my journey and share those specific nlp tools that have made the difference with my boys and in other areas of life too …and do a spoon bend!!!!! I'll bring spoons so others can have a go too because it’s one of the things that definitely impressed my boys and their friend to see the power of thought and Mind over matter!”
Dave Hill started out with a Phd in Geochemistry. Whilst is Australia on a gap year, Dave underwent the transformation of a Tony Robbins live event. He rapidly progressed to become a life coach and professional trainer. He is currently Head of Corporate Training with Cragrats, and delivers award winning, cutting edge trainings and workshops across the UK.
Dave is also a marathon runner and his times are not far behind the elite runners!
Dave is passionate about health and making a difference to others and is about to embark on a new career as a Chiropractor! This will make him a "double doctor"!
The title of Dave's talk is "Stuff" and for the achievers, he says it's called "Stuff....+1"!
Well worth checking out, for those of you who were at the whole day event in April will remember 'the man' Frank De Raffele, he runs the proactive Leadership Centre in New York as well as being the B.N. I. director for New York.
Frank's radio show is live on Monday evenings for us or you can listen to all the archive slots on line any time.
Last week he interviewved Ken Blanchard, author of the 'One Minute Manager' which was superb, and is in negotiations to have Tony Robbins on in the Autumn.
There are business and personal development tips throughout and of course Frank is very entertaining!!
For those of you who enjoyed Susie Mitchell last month,
The launch of, 'Women Who Love Life'
will be on Thurs 18th Sept at the Holiday Inn Chester A55 near Mold.
From 6pm -9pm
£10 only inc chocs, goody bags and great company
to book contact Ellimay Middlehurst on 01492 584577,
If you would like the flyer email and I will forward it to you.
Looking forward to seeing you all next week!


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