Monday, September 22, 2008

Wednesday 24th September meeting; Jules Wyman and mark Gleave.

Jules Wyman
Jules Wyman knew she had reached breaking point after more than twenty years of low self-esteem, weight issues and relationship challenges left her stressed, unhappy and in denial of her true self. A decade of working behind the scenes in the theatre made her blend into the background in her career as well as the rest of her life.

Fortunately, Jules decided to break out rather than break down. Deep inside she knew she had so much more to give the world, so she mentally donned a sparkly cape and knee high boots, and set out to discover...Wonder Wyman!

She stepped out of the backstage shadows and into the limelight with a new career in speaking and coaching, offering individual sessions as well as workshops to businesses, schools and women's networking groups. Jules swiftly achieved recognition for her unique work, being nominated for local education and business awards.

Through talks packed with humour, honesty and emotion, Jules shows her audiences how they too can harness their inner powers and zap the baddies of fear and self-doubt with some swift mental high-kicks and emotional 'kapows!

By sharing the adventures of Wonder Wyman, others feel empowered to unleash their inner superhero to create lives of courage, passion, joy and success – just as she has.

She now lives in York with her husband 'super' Siman and her two ever inspiring
step-sons, Olli and Gabe.

Mark Gleave

Mark Gleave has had over 32 year experience in Psychology and studying the functioning's of the mind and the thought process, as well as many more years before that having to study people to be able to survive in a violent environment.

He joined the Tony Robbins environment 5 years ago and was promoted to Senior Leadership a year later. He is Highly experienced in NAC, NLP, Human Needs psychology and Perceptual Awareness. He is a Personal Performance, Business, Peak Performance, Relationship, Life & Existential coach, with many high level clients.

Mark is a very experienced Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) giver. He has attained the highest level qualifications available to Westerners and spent over 5 weeks totally immersed in the training, teachings and processes of Oneness, both in Fiji and in India at the Oneness University (most people have been limited to a maximum of 3 weeks, and that has been limited to 10 days now), where he experienced a shift in his awareness and consciousness.-----------------

7pm for a 7:30pm start.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Catherine Patel.


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