Monday, June 07, 2010

Wednesday 23rd June Meeting; Krishnaraj One World Academy

My thanks to Stuart for a great presentation and workshop last month. You got us all thinking Stuart!

This month we are also in for a real treat.

AWARENESS Three Stage Outline of Krishnaraj's Presentation:
Krishnaraj, faculty member of the One World Academy will be highlighting the importance of bringing awareness into our day to day existence and examining its role in promoting collective and individual well being. In addition he will guide participants through a powerful meditation to awaken the spiritual energy within and enable people to move into a deeper level of experiencing.
At the end of his talk, Krishnaraj will provide an opportunity to experience 'The Presence' which will help awaken the participants to their own higher self or the Presence. A Brief Synopsis Of Krishnaraj's Presentation. Awareness is neither an ideal to be pursued nor a concept to be understood. It is a simple process of seeing without imposing ideological or conceptual frameworks upon the experience. Such awareness requires no great philosophical understanding but a simple ability to experience our emotions and responses to day to day life situations without resistance. Life can be lived in a state of awareness or unawareness and the two experiences are poles apart, like the sky and the earth. Contrary to conventional thinking, One World Academy believes that it is actually unawareness of the mind that hampers growth. In unawareness, our conditioning controls us, our emotional responses are habitual and arise from pre-conceived notions and unconscious patterns. The decisions and actions we then take in life are unconsciously eclipsed by our fears and emotional patterns. In a way, we are held hostage without even realising it - thinking we are awake when actually we are asleep or snoozing! OWA offers programmes to free yourself by bringing awareness to who you are, what you are and transform conflict into joy, pain into peace, resentment into forgiveness. In essence - wake you up to who you are and what you can do in life.
This course will be facilitated by the One World representative in the UK and Ireland, Krishnaraj, who has dedicated the last twelve years of his life to the exploration of spiritual and psychological truth within himself. A series of profound spiritual experiences and insights at the age of sixteen culminated in his decision to dedicate his life to helping people experience greater levels of awareness, growth and fulfilment in life. He joined the Oneness University in India at the age of sixteen & has been running transformational programmes for individuals and groups for the last twelve years in India, Fiji and throughout Europe. One World Academy is a new Global organisation formed in December 2009 by a group of facilitators from the Oneness University, India, including Krishna, Bhagavan’s son and Samadarshini, who was based in London for most of last year. All have been immersed in guiding individuals and groups into deeper states of awareness for over two decades and have an impressive proven international track record in psycho-spiritual development. Tony Robbins is personal friends with all the faculty members of One World Academy, having been strongly influenced by them in his own spiritual growth. He endorses One World Academy for their transformational work in guiding people to deep states of spiritual and psychological truth.

Krishnaraj is also trained in Indian classical music and traditional Vedic chanting and plays the ancient Indian instrument- the veena. His chants, featured in some of the Kosmic Music albums, deeply touch the heart and soul of the listener.
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