Monday, January 24, 2011

Wed 26th Jan 2011. Workshop with David Taylor.

Happy New Year!

My thanks to all those who contributed at last month's meeting.
It is humbling to hear the incredible stories of the people who make up Yes Group North and to share a glimpse into the amazing work that they do. Thank you.

Dates for this years meetings are as follows;
Wed Jan 26, Feb 23, Mar 23, April 27, May 25, June 22, July 27, Aug 24, Sept 28,
Oct 26, Nov 23, Dec 14

7pm doors open
7:30pm start
£8 on the door.
First visit free.

This month's workshop with David Taylor is another inspiring and thought provoking gem not to be missed! it is a unique opportunity to work for free with one of the Uk's leading business brains.

Know me, know myselfSometimes you click with people and sometimes you don't. Sometimes you can get this with the same person! Great relationships, whether intimate, personal, business or friends are at the heart of a great life. Sometimes it is obvious why we click and sometimes it is not. If you have ever not quite clicked then this evening is for you. Or maybe you want to take your skills to a whole new level?

This is a fun and interactive evening understanding who you are and how others might see. With this insight you can create more intimate personal relationships, great rapport, powerful business relationships and be more successful in any area you choose. You may even discover some frustrations with yourself - although only one breakthrough is allowed per evening!

David Taylor is a Management Consultant and Trainer. He runs his own company based in Yorkshire and has clients around the globe. His specialism is working with large service organisations and how they can build compelling relationships with their key customers. Recently David was engaged as a practitioner and leader for one of his clients. Taking lead of one of their accounts and growing it from $20m per annum to over $80m per annum over two years. David has worked with some of the world's leading professional services organisations creating and winning deals in excess of $100m.

In parallel David has been a part of the Anthony Robbins community for the past six years and for three years of that has been a Robbins Research Trainer, supporting live Tony events around the world.

David is married to Truda and they have two young boys, Phoenix and Edon.

Please join us for what will be a superb evening.

7pm for 7:30pm start.
bring a friend!



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