Monday, October 18, 2010

Wed 27th Oct Meeting With Michael Bradford

My thanks to Brigitte for the wonderful workshop last month and for making the monumental committment to our group in making such a huge journey to give to our group!!
I am collecting testimonials and thank yous to pass on to Brigitte, so please email me with your thoughts of appreciation.

Michael Bradford:

My approach, a unique synthesis of eastern and western philosophies, focuses on releasing the energetic blockages that are the root cause of all emotional, financial and health challenges.

People, as well as plants and animals, have a physical body and an invisible energy body called the auric field. All life forms have an energetic signature which resonates at a specific frequency.

In a healthy person, the energy body has a bright and vibrant glow and a positive energetic signature. When a person is depressed, ill or diseased, their energetic signature is weaker and less vibrant. The cause is either blockage or leakage, or both. The more serious the emotional or health issues are, the weaker and less vibrant the energetic signature will be. People in the latter stages of a life threatening illness have almost non-existent energy signatures.

I believe that our conscious and unconscious attitudes hold the key to our healing. Although I believe in the benefits of traditional medicine and other complementary therapies, I find the approach I have developed to be the simplest, quickest and most direct form of healing.
see Michael on youtube:

Really looking forward to seeing you there my thanks to Bobby Gill for making it possible!

7pm for 7;30pm



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