Thursday, February 10, 2011

Next Meeting Fri 11th March: with Ananda Giri senior Faculty Member or One World Academy.

Please note there will now be no meeting in Feb as we have a very special extra event on Fri 11th march.

My Thanks to David Taylor for his insightful and entertaining workshop last month.

You Are Your Relationships

The quality of your relationships are a mirror of your relationship with yourself.
You only relate to thers to the degree to which you relate to yourself.

Having freedom in relationships requires us to become experienced in awareness. Ananda Giri of One World Academy will be discussing how to relate to ourselves and others and how to open our hearts to all that we are throuh self enquiry and developing awareness.
Discussion and Q and A will be followed by a guided meditation and the 'gift of presence'
The 'gift of presence' is a spiritual process which helps us connect with the higher intelligence or 'presence' within us leading to deeper awareness, compassion and joy.

Ananda Giri - Senior Faculty Member of OWA.

Young in age, wise in timeless spirituality, Ananda Giri is known for his spiritual depth and illuminated presence. He is a gifted spiritual teacher who has been guiding individuals and groups for the last 20 years.
His simple yet poignant insights strike a deep chord with all cultures and creeds. He has helped thousands of people around the globe to access fundamental truths within themselves and to experience more joy, happiness and self awareness.

'A moment of awareness is enough to heal years of pain; a moment of unawareness could make waste of years of learning. The choice is ours..' Ananda Giri.

This is an amazing opportunity for our region to have an audience with Ananda Giri and at no cost other than the facilities hire.

please join us with you friends and families for a very special evening.

Please confirm your attendance with
Friday 11th March7pm for a prompt 7;30pm start.


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