Monday, June 13, 2011

Wednesday 22nd June Meeting ; 2 Speakers.

My thanks to Tony and Nicki Vee for travelling all the way up from Glastonbury just to be with us. It was a wonderful evening.

This month we will have the benefit of two great speakers both different, both with a wealth of experience and inspiration to share.

Karen Assemper
Karen Asemper is a successful actress and life coach having graced our screens in the nations much loved soaps Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Doctors. She has also worked with Patrick Stewart and Anna Friel. This was not however her first choice of career, but after pursuing her first love of dance and training at two of the most prestigious dance schools in the world, Northern School Of Dance and Alvin Ailey, what seemed to be just another punch from the hand of fate in a long line of adverse luck, she was badly injured and was told she would no longer be able to dance professionally.
What must have felt like the final blow came after her move to Leeds where she half escaped but half clung on to a past which saw her at the age of two watching an alcoholic suicidal mother attempt to leave this world, then growing up suffering constant racial abuse to varying degrees and climaxed at 17 with her boyfriend trying to put her on the streets as a sex worker.
Not surprisingly Karen learned to escape from much of this torment by immersing herself in her dreams. Through a strength no one can fully comprehend, these dreams manifested into a solid focus and then a self-belief that has powered her into the women she is today, a belief that we all have choices and the ability and right to make them.
She is truly an inspiration to us all and a welcome reminder that what we hold inside of us can bring us untold richness.

Jon Pound
'Hey Hey Yes, its the yes group... and the month of June's come round
> And I wonder if you can get the Cedar Court - to hear from me - Jon
> Pound...
> For an evening of inspiration... where I hope to lift your spirits
> high I cant yet let out the secret.. but dont let this pass you by...!!
> I can say it will be different, with music, fun and laughter..
> And I'll make a special effort to make you feel elated for days thereafter!
> :-)
> So Anyway I've been asked to write a bio... oh what fun and joy :-)
> Well, I guess these are the words right here,... that Catherine will
> deploy You could call me a mad hatter, for all the many hats I've worn
> So time drop my ego... and just the whole truth to be sworn Degree in
> management science, twelve years in an office Doesnt sound too
> interesting yet? Well maybe try on adding on this!
> Computer programming, IT Project Management, a STACK of personal
> development, I've completed over fifty courses and over 25k I've
> spent!
> 3 slipped discs in my spine and for years I muddled on, But since
> October its been Yoga in California & India and the worst pain is long
> gone You could almost say a renaissance man....expanding in each and
> every way So ...I'm giving you a little taster... but there's so much
> more to say....
> Accelerated learning, memory and concentration, Social Confidence, and
> NLP Salsa dancing, Spanish, Yoga, and Poetry - and the art of thinking
> positively...
> And there's so much it could be embarrassing, in fact I dont know how
> I dare...
> But yes I do... I've realised its time to give, to those who want to
> share....
> So I drop my ego, and say to all - best as i can - humbly....
> I'll prepare my very best for you, so please come along to see...!
> Lastly I can promise nothing.... and I'm not going to get on bending
> knees But I will try to it entertaining and thought provoking and do
> my best to please ;-)
> So with that the pitch is over... I hope to see you soon... over and
> out from Jon Pound who's speaking at the Yes Group in June ;-)
> PS I'm currently in India, working on my health and fitness - check
> out my ganga swim challenge video I'm doing to raise money for the
> charity of the Children of Tondo- for some entertainment!...'

I'm sure there will be something to delight everyone with this evening, join us for a great opportunity to enjoy learning with others!
Bring your friends, 7pm for 7:30pm start.
Looking forward to seeing you there.


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