Monday, March 14, 2011

Wednesday 23rd March Meeting ; with John Hotowka

Firstly a huge thank you to all at The One World Academy for making our special event possible on Friday evening and for donating their time for free. It was a very special gift.

John Hotowka
John Hotowka is a speaker, humorist and magician. Organisations hire him to speak and entertain after dinner and at conferences about mindset and change. He’s also a popular speaker in education inspiring young people to manifest their dreams. His clients include Lex Autolease, Hallmark Cards, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals and HSBC to name a few.

John has been self employed in his one man business for nearly 22 years. In this entertaining, insightful and thought provoking presentation he’ll reveal how he’s survived all that time. You’ll hear about the challenges, the insecurities, the lessons learnt, the celebrations and his spiritual evolution. As a student of self development the principals he uses in his business he also applies to his life to find peace of mind and you will too.

John has been a long standing member of Y.G.N. This is a special opportunity to experience the full depth of his work and to once again see the amazing calibre of the membership in the room!

7pm for 7:30pm
looking forward to seeing you there.


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