Wednesday, November 05, 2008

November 26th Meeting : Chris Hughes

Heartfelt thanks to Harry Singha for a superb presentation last month.
(After reading the great Bio on Chris hughes,see end of post for important notices)

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is the founder of Maximising Student Potential and The Hughes Company. After much dedication and continued success in the UK he has found himself financially independent at a young age and is now able to travel the world to deliver his expertise at conferences and events to businesses, teams and individuals.

Chris is a humorous and charismatic presenter who through his fusion of style and substance conveys genuinely useful and relevant information and messages. He does so in such a way that his tools and techniques are easily applied to your business and home life.

Having worked with everyone from the largest firms in the world, to councils and schools, SME’s and many professional services firms, also not forgetting to mention sporting champions as well as professional sporting teams, Chris has achieved outstanding and sustained results by combining his tools and techniques with their existing skills and experiences. Now you too can benefit from his enthusiasm to see people succeed...

Passionate about your results, Chris will give you a great presentation with useful and practical tools to apply in your business.

Seize this opportunity to get the most from yourself and your team, get inspired and get greater satisfaction and results in your work place and your life!

Maximising Potential - Chris Hughes.

The star returns!
Always an inspiration, always entertaining, one never to miss!

December Meeting: 17th Dec Yearly review, personal development stories from group members and party time!
Food and drinks inc.
Please confirm attendance with Catherine for catering numbers.

There are 2 slots available for 10 minute personal development stories, to include, what has inspired your journey; books, courses, events etc.

Please contact Catherine if you are interested.

Also Note

Joseph McClendon will now be touring the regional Yes Groups in the New Year!

Watch this space for details.


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