Thursday, January 22, 2009

28th January Meeting 2009 - Lynn Gregory.

Happy New Year!

The dates for this year's evenings of inspiration are as follows;

Jan 28th, Feb 25th, Mar 25th, Apr 22nd, May 27th, June 24th, July 22nd, Aug 26th, Sept 23rd, Oct 28th, Nov 25th, Dec 16th.

Launching us into another amazing year is our very own Lynn Gregory.
Read on and see just how incredibly talented people are in this group!

An emergency caesarian, a car crash, where fatal proceedings were put in place, and a diagnosis of Diabetes Insipidus led Lynn down the road of discovery always asking’ Why’ and more often than not asking ‘Why not?’ She wanted and often needed to find out how our bodies worked. What was this thing/stuff called ‘energy’ and what on earth did it have to do with being well and happy?

So the journey began, adding to her already considerable knowledge, having worked with a range of individuals, groups and organisations in a variety of settings in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, businesses, schools nationwide and been involved in GP training. She has been Head of Special Needs Education and Pupil support throughout the UK, worked for the Support and Advisory service in York and lectured at University York St. John.
Lynn has had many firsts, two particularly memorable ones being - a co-presenter at the Royal Shakespeare’s Company’s first conference for Head Teachers and in August 2006 she had the wonderful privilege and experience of being a crew/ counsellor on Anthony Robbins’ ‘Discovery Camp’ programme for teenage leadership skills at the Royal Holloway College, University of London.

Lynn is committed to and passionate about facilitating life long learning to bring that sense of health, wellbeing and happiness to everyone. Her sense of humour and fun bring clarity and understanding to, often complex, ideas, giving you useable, relevant techniques to make sure that you leave with skills for your personal and professional life.

Grab this opportunity to understand how you can maximize your energy levels. Gain a greater understanding of why and how your brain, body and energy systems work. Arrive prepared to have fun, be inspired and leave knowing how to make a difference.

Looking forward to seeing you all.
7pm for 7:30pm start.
Catherine Patel


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