Friday, July 22, 2011

Wednesday 27th July Meeting; Angela Whitlock.

My thanks to both our great speakers last month. It just goes to show the calibre of people on the room is very high! It's a treat to have them as part of our peer group.

Angela Whitlock.Angela Whitlock is a professional speaker, coach and hypnotist and a regular guest on BBC Radio. She can be seen presenting to a wide audience on topics such as emotional intelligence, stress, communications skills and confidence. She is the author of 'Walk On The Grass' and advises on all aspects of emotional intelligence and resilience.

Angela has had a wide and varied career, working for major blue chip companies. She started her career in design moving into sales, marketing, learning and development and finally project management. In the last decade she has been managing multi-million pound Business Change Projects whilst at the same time applying her practical studies of the human mind and emotional intelligence for National Grid and the NHS, before making the leap into her own Communication Coaching, Speaking and Training Consultancy. Her Keynote, ‘My Business Mind’ (Improving Your Emotional Intelligence To Sail through the Rough C’s) will share with you the fun, engaging and simple tools and techniques to become emotionally aware in your business.

Join us for what will be a fantastic opportunity to learn from someone with vast experience as well as being part of a growing community of Yes Groups bringing personal development and challenge to all.

Bring along your friends for free!
7pm for 7:30pm
looking forward to seeing you there.


Blogger Maria said...

Great night with inspirational speaker Angela Whitlock. Who would have thought I could come away with thought provoking pearls of wisdom whilst laughing about a rubber band - you had to be there!
Friendly, welcoming group with so much positivity in the room. A real tonic. Can't wait for next month! See you there..?

8:11 am  
Anonymous Emma said...

Superb night (as always).

Angela shared some thought-provoking gems of wisdom and her unique method of helping people work through their past to move forward gave me lots of chew on and think about (til late last night!). Things have started to shift already, and I have no doubt that its impact will continue to ripple through my life in the future. Now is the time for me to process some stuff from decades back, so I can smile about it, let it go, move forward and use it to tell hair-raising stories!

Thanks to Angela for helping me remember what I needed to know, and for the group for being so amazing and supportive. Looking forward to sharing stories of lifestyle success with Bobby and business masterminding breakthroughs with Jon et al.....

Will miss August (in Devon) but already looking forward to my next visit in September....

11:21 am  
Blogger Anne said...

What a fantastic evening!

So many a-ha moments!

It was a real eye opener to learn about unprocessed memories and how they can be affecting our lives without even realising it.

6:58 am  
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