Monday, August 22, 2011

Wednesday 24th Meeting ; Anne Peat

My thanks to all for all the great contributions last month and to our great speaker Angela Whitlock.

Anne Peat

Anne Peat aged 52 (hope i don't look it)

Grew up on council estate
had my dreams squashed at a very early age
Went on to life the life that other people expected (not allowed to stay on at school, got to get a job to pay for my keep)
Got married at 19
Lived a boring humdrum life until i got a kick up the bum in 2005 when i realised that, if I carried on like this not only would life stay boring but we eventually would be poor and have a boring life

THEN ......

I decided enough was enough and, using all the stuff that I'd learned over the years, i decided to breathe new life into my squashed dreams and now we're planning to travel the UK, then Europe and then do a World Cruise.

I've already travelled to see the Northern Lights and been to Maui and been to Thailand twice and done the largest bungee jump in the world over the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland

I realise that there are a lot of women who have had their dreams squashed for one reason or another (usually because of family demands) and I want to be an inspiration to these women to show them how easy it can be to breathe new life into their squashed dreams so they can be an inspiration in turn. I want to show them how to get the time and the money to do it

And we'll create a mexican wave of women who are now going for their dreams, whatever they may be.

Join us 7pm for 7:30pm for another great evening!looking forward to seeing you there.


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