Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Importance of Being Straight.

June 28th Meeting:Dr Margaret Nolan: Network Spinal Analysis.

Firstly, a huge thank-you to Judy May for last month's oustanding meeting. If you missed it you missed a real gem!

Dr Margaret Nolan is a doctor of Chiropractic with 35 years of experience in healing processes.
Originally from California, Margaret is now based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. Her clinic offers a revolutionary form of Chiropractic care called Network Spinal Analysis, along with Somato Respiritory Exercises. This specialist form of Chiropractic care has been developed by Donald Epstein D. C.

When Tony Robbins was introduced to this work he was so amazed by it that he has been working closely with Epstein ever since.

Margaret will be sharing her understanding of health gleaned from a great many teachers over the last 35 years. She will cover the 'wellness paradigm', concepts of N.S.A. and will share some S.R.I. techniques with the group.

The perception that we only visit a chiropractor when we have a bad back is a changing one. The more we understand about health, wellbeing and exercise, the more we realise that all of these things can only really be achieved when our bodies are properly aligned. Once this is the case, exercise truly benefits us rather than aggravates injuries and allows organs to function and be cleaned out as they should.

Margaret quotes; 'Wellness is not about disease. Wellness is about our internal experience of our body, our ability to make healthy choices, enjoy life and be well. What we are looking at here is an experience of life beyond the usual form. A more subtle engagement with the parts of the brain that allow us to express our higher level of humanity and function so that we have a greater capacity to express compassion and love. ' Dr Donald Epstein.

We percieve our world through our nervous system. Our spine is an important part of this system. A healthy, flexible spine translates to a greater ability to gain growth (depth of consciousness) from the experience of our life.

She's a very special lady, don't miss her!!

Alongside Margaret, Niri Patel will be giving a short presentation on 'Making things happen'. He will be sharing some of the secrets of his success. And...... you never know, it might be just the breakthrough you are looking for.

Catherine Patel.