Thursday, July 09, 2009

wednesday 22nd July Meeting : David Taylor

 Losing your way to greatness
We are simple creatures. When we are born we have simple needs of warmth, food and love.

And then we grow up!

And as we grow we acquire great things. We have experiences, we learn new facts, we create bonds and relationships that we think will never break down, we have careers and create families and have children.

These are all great things and yet in our pursuit of them we become unhappy or unfulfilled. Our plans don’t work out, our relationships break down. And as we are unhappy we try to learn better ways, more facts, have more relationships. We seek out new ways. Sometimes when we seek we find, sometimes we just keep on looking.

Sometimes these experiences are resourceful, sometimes they are not.

Losing your way to greatness will explore how we can take simple decisions to put down what we have learned and return to the simple creatures that we are. One, simple and powerful question can banish our pain forever. One decision, with commitment can change our lives forever.

David will share these secrets with you knowing that you cannot unlearn what you have learned, but you can take your learning and make different and powerful choices for your future.

What will you choose to put down, what will you choose to lose to remind yourself of how great you really are?
David Taylor

There is a great line in the TV Series Desperate Housewives, “When I married Carlos he promised me anything I wanted. I just realise that I wanted all the wrong things”.

David woke up one day to realise the very same thing and that by working out what he really wanted he had a sense of fulfilment and achievement in ways he never thought were possible. David was even more excited to realise that the possibilities and potential that he now created in his own life could be shared with others.

David was already using the tools and mindset that he needed to achieve this change in his work life. He had not made the leap to apply them in all areas of his life. The key to this change was to be immersed in the right environment and David discovered the gate to the right environment through being invited to a Tony Robbins event.

Like many of the key lessons in life, we already know what to do and it is reminding ourselves of it and then putting it into practice that is the key. We all benefit from a revolution, turning the full circle and returning to ourselves. With these lessons and this real experience David now works as a peak performance coach and consultant, building on over ten years in the Financial Services Industry and ten years in Management Consultancy.

“I firmly believe that teaching is a powerful tool and an approach that many trainers use. Modelling is an even more powerful aspect of learning, one that is inherent within all of us from the moment we are born. Mastery comes from using the modelling and experiencing how we feel about it. When we link our emotions to our outcomes we really power through to success!”

“When I work with groups I like to use all approaches, teaching to create awareness, modelling to create ability and experience to make it stick.

Today David works with teams and groups from FTSE 100 companies to develop a leadership mindset. In some aspects of our lives we are all leaders and the ability to build and draw on this unlocks potential in all of us. David takes on the role of coach, mentor or consultant depending on the situation and the client’s desired outcomes.

Over the past ten years David has worked with a range of international clients supporting leadership development creating programmes or creating motivational events tailored to the client’s specific needs. David is the owner of The Freedom Factory, an Anthony Robbins Trainer and an international speaker.

David is married to Truda and they have two young boys Phoenix and Edon.

Join us for a superb evening of inspiration!
7pm for 7:30pm start.
Bring your friends!
Catherine Patel