Monday, May 16, 2011

Wednesday 25th may Meeting ; Anthony Vee.

My thanks to Kim Lyddon for last month's great workshop.

This month we are back in the realms of the spiritual, with some interesting new work by Anthony Vee..

A Night of 'Tibetan Sound Healing', 'Multidimensionality' and a 'Live Singing Plant' - How Fascinating!

What ever you do don't miss this amazing evening. The world of spirituality and the esoteric can often be confusing and tonight we welcome Anthony John, founder of the 'City of Light Project' here in the UK who will pop lots of bits into your spiritual jigsaw puzzle giving you the opportunity to gain even more clarity. This is not just an evening of talking either you will actually get to witness communicating with a 'Plant' - very few people have ever witnessed this,which is in effect us communication with a life form that frequents a different dimension. Anthony is also bringing his Tibetan singing bowls and crystals with him and time permitting we will be doing a group healing at the end of the evening...

looking forward to seeing you there.
7pm for 7:30pm start.