Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday 28th April Meeting ; Dave Bradley

Dave Bradley
Having led teams which have won six National Training Awards, three Customer Experience Awards, and been in the Sunday Times Best Companies to work for, top 100, on two occasions , Dave is passionate about engaging people and organisations with how they become the very best they can be. His campaign against mediocrity and for ‘what more can there be?’ sets the tone for the development of programmes and ground breaking work with people and organisations. Dave is a highly engaging speaker and has challenged the mindsets of participants at some of the most prestigious conferences in the UK and beyond.

New Tent, Same Circus©I would like to invite you all to the world premier of my new presentation New Tent, Same Circus. This story is a great example of how great ideas arrive from the most unlikely of places.
In March 2008 Terminal 5 (T5), the £4.3 billion new terminal at Heathrow Airport, was opened. Heralded as a brilliant technological project it quickly turned into a passenger nightmare with the simple addition of people.
Much of this ambitious projects time was spent on getting the technology and the building right and perceived as overlooking the needs of the people who were responsible for implementation and meeting customer expectations.
As travellers joined ever lengthening queues and their luggage disappeared into the bowels of the building, not to return for weeks, one frustrated woman gave her reaction to a broadcaster. Her analysis was short, incisive and insightful: "New tent, same circus"
Of all the change we embark upon how much of it is actually successful? In reality, some; it's most often a case of 'New tent, same circus'.
For me, 'New tent, same circus' has become a brilliant metaphor. How can we effect transformational change; i.e. create a New Tent and a New Circus? My research shows that to achieve this we need to change not only mindsets but also to change the rules.
If Personal Development is your New Tent then let me challenge you to create your New Circus. Are you up for changing your rules?
You will discover:• How to identify your mindset
• Is this the mindset you need to get you to your next level?
• What are rules?
• Can you change them?
• Is your tent made with bricks?
• What does your new tent, new circus look like?
• The danger of marginal improvement
No animals will be involved in this presentation, we can’t get the elephant through the fire doors, sorry.

Can you afford to miss this?
Who else do you know could benefit?
Bring them along.

7pm for a prompt 7;30pm start.
Catherine Patel