Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 Years of Yes Group North!

It may seem hard to believe, but we really have been going for 10 years now.
Many faces have come and gone, many firm friendships have been created, and still Yes Group North continues to make a difference and to provide top class learning in personal development. - So you keep telling me!!

Please join us to celebrate at the Alea Casino Clarence Doc in Leeds on Saturday 27th March from 7:30pm till late.This event is free. There will be some short speaking slots, a challenge in the form of an arrow bend, for some brave volunteers, from our resident Robbins trainer David Taylor and catering from the first Michelin Star rated chef in the uk!
There will be a DJ and dance floor to round off the night.

The event is being paid for with the money from the kitty that is left over. So unpack your party clothes and come and enjoy it!!

Please go to

This very easy to follow website will guide you through booking your places and provide details in full about the night.
we are asking for a £15 charity donation to confirm places.

Please hurry with the last bookings now as the last few places are limmited.

Next meeting at Cedar Court Hotel Wed 28th April with multi award winning trainer David Bradley.

Really looking forward to catching up with all those that can be there on the 27th.