Monday, November 15, 2010

Tuesday 30th November : Kim Lyddon

Note Changed Date!!
Our thanks to Michael Bradford for his very interesting session last month.

Be The Leader of Your Own Life™ Kim Lyddon.

My Personal Goal:My desire is to teach millions of people around the world how to take back control of their own life and become the leader of their own life! How to start living a happy and successful life…Today!

Brief summary of my presentation:• Unlocking the inspiration to lead your own life
• How to get clear on what you want from life.
• Get fun in your life by developing happy people habits
• Make feeling good your number 1 priority
• Challenging your disbeliefs

This is an in-depth subject, which I can condense into a practical and inspirational talk.

To share with you a little about me I thought I would send you a copy of my biography.

Kim is an International Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Successful Businesswoman. Working in the world of personal and business growth now for over 20 years. She's been called one of our most inspiring business and personal success speakers. Sharing the stage with successful people such as Anita Roddick and Lynda Le Plant. She shares strategies of success in a way that’s inspirational, accessible and practical. She adds a spark of laughter to both personal and business development.

With her deep understanding of both human development and business she has helped thousands of people become the leader of their own life and business.

Kim has held senior positions in large organisations such as Cadbury and John Crane International (Part of Smiths Group Plc). 10 years ago she decided to set up her own business and founded Success Quest Ltd. Kim travels across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia speaking, taking seminars and workshops. Working with people from directors, entrepreneurs to individuals who want to achieve more success and get more from their lives.

Kim Lyddon Join us to share the benefit of Kim's vast knowledge and experience.
7pm for prompt 7:30pm start.
Catherine Patel