Friday, September 16, 2011

Wed 28th Sept Meeting

My thanks to anne Peat for last month's presentation and to everyone for contributing so much to create such a dynamic evening!

Please note next month's meeting will not be in Oct, but the following week on Wed 2nd November.

Talent Dynamics with Una Doyle.

“Unleash Your Talent: Discover How to Accelerate Trust & Flow in Your Life & Business!”

Understanding Talent Dynamics helps people to understand how they can accelerate Trust and Flow and thereby massively increase individual and team performance and profit.

Put Simply, Flow is the path of least resistance. When we are in Flow, productivity rises, results increase, occurrences line up, we have more fun and feel more connected to our work and organisation.
It’s a state, in which a person in an activity, is fully immersed, in a feeling of energised focus and full involvement. It is focused motivation, where the emotions are not just contained and channeled but positively energised and aligned with the task at hand.
If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, then it’s a fairly good indicator you are out of Flow. The opposite is true when you are in Flow, you feel joy and even rapture whilst performing the task.
It takes focus to learn the basics and practice makes it second nature. Once you know how to stay in Flow you can enjoy life with ease and grace.
When experiencing Flow there can be a distortion of time. Your internal clock does not seem to match the external clock. Somehow your internal clock speeds up or slows down. During this phenomenon, people immersed in their task (in Flow) often look up at the clock thinking only a short time had passed only to find it is many hours later than they thought it was.
In the work place, Flow can be seen where an individual’s challenges and skills are equally matched, thus creating a harmonious environment.
Fortune follows Flow. Living in your Flow is living a life of good fortune. Flow is a life-long process that is rich with rewards all along the way.
Business owners and employees are able to uncover their real talent and flow – and that of others – making the enterprise, and their work, more productive, passionate, fulfilling, and competitive. Trust is built and team communication becomes constructive, which can allow a team to perform much more effectively. By harnessing the natural talent of every individual and team in the business the floodgates of prosperity open and the enterprise discovers more meaningful and profitable ways to serve its customers.
After this talk you will know:
 The 8 key strategies to sustainable and scalable productivity and profit
 The only 2 ways to create value and to then leverage that value
 How to reduce stress and increase fun!

Una Doyle is an accredited Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant and an international award-winning speaker, trainer, coach and consultant. Una has worked with well-known organisations such as Argos, Asda, Yorkshire Forward, local authorities and Kodak from a one-to-one basis to groups as large as 2,000. Results-focused, she is passionate about learning and has studied and gained experience in leadership, teamwork, change management, employee engagement, communications and entrepreneurialism. For more information see

Clients using the Talent Dynamics Pathway have experienced the following results:
• A number of 6 figure ideas that are implementable in the next 3 months for an events company
• £100k idea that was implementable immediately at no additional cost to the company
• Preventing an entire team from being removed due to cost cutting, replacing their ‘cost’ with a profitable plan and team
• 50% Increase in productivity in under 6 months for a film production company
• Creating a plan for a public sector team facing budget cuts that enables them to continue – profitably
• Doubling turnover in under 6 months for one of the UK’s leading Brand Consultancies
• Changing the accountabilities of team members into roles that much better suited their natural talents and increasing revenue streams having identified who was missing from the team
• 500% increase in retail sales and a smashing of opening sales targets for a Beauty salon
• £100k plan for an accountancy firm that required only some basic restructuring of current resources, following a 3-month individual programme