Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sep 27th meeting: Going on a visit!!!

Important Notice!!!

Yes group North is going on a visit for this month's meeting. There will be NO meeting this month at the Cedar Court hotel.

We are going to support the newly formed personal development group Mastery Gym at the Holiday Inn Manchester airport.

For details about the group, and more deatials about the speaker and the event, please go to

The meeting begins at 6:30pm for a 7pm start, and costs £20 on the door, £15 if you book on line beforehand. Directions can be found on the website.

Mastery gym events aim not to clash with our events, but were unable to change this month due to their speaker, and as the speaker will be of enormous interest to our group, we decided to venture out and show our support.

The speaker for the evening will be Steve Linder. He is a trainer in Hypnotherapy,NLP and Time Line Therapy. He is also a performance trainer with Anthony Robbins Companies and serves as the crew director for many Robbins events.
I'm sure that it will be an interesting adventure, and a fantastic opportunity to meet even more like minded people.
We will be back to normal for next month, check in for details.
Looking forward to seeing you all.
Catherine Patel
PS Remember to put the date for October in your diary - it's Wednesday, 25th.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Aug 23rd Meeting: Howard Da Silva on, 'Wine, People and Song'

Howard Da Silva.

Howard’s is a successful businessperson who offers more than just training. Howard’s 18 years in business working in SME’s and large corporate has seen him develop from a failed salesperson to a successful business leader. With results, he pride’s himself with the close working relationships within his client partnerships. Howard leads an exciting team. When relevant, he brings in other experts in their field. When working with you, he strongly feels that you will part of his team and he part of yours. Howard has a strong emphasis on results through fun, leaning and development. Howard is not happy with success, he and his team work with you to ensure you are successFULL and live life successFULLY.

Howard will be speaking about his story. How he made the change from a failing salesperson to successful business person, how he stopped smoking and developed a method to stop people smoking in 1 hour with a 95% success rate and how he has lost 7 stones in weight and kept it off using NLP and hypnosis. Also, how you too can make important changes in your life easily.
More information available at and soon on his website that will be launched on September 1

If you know someone who might benefit, or might be interested, please bring them along!
7pm for 7:30pm start.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Catherine Patel.

Judy May Murphy Course details.
Sat 2nd and Sun 3 rd September 2006 in Central London.
I would like to show you how to reach the maximum number of people without spending thousands and thousands on advertising. Once you know the simple techniques you will always be able to do this. I do it all the time. (In fact, you will hear about this event on TV and radio shows.) This weekend will get to to your wealth goals faster and more easily.
Whether it's money, fame, contribution, or all of these that you seek, I believe you need this day. I've had people along the way to mentor me, now I can be all those people for you, and save you years.
While on tour I have numerous conversations with people who say they want to be on TV or write a book, and within seconds I can identify flaws in their strategy.
Being in the media spotlight on a regular basis and having books published in several languages with huge distribution is do-able for anyone willing to work the strategies. I actually DO this, successfully, and make great wealth streams from it. Please learn from someone who walks the talk.

Day One – Saturday 2nd September 2006. BOOKS. Write your book, give it a best-selling title, and get a deal with a major publishing house. This is not self-publishing, which is time-consuming and expensive (unless you are already famous or have the money to set up your own publishing house). This is not e-book writing because (although this can also be a great income stream) no-one readily puts you on a top TV or radio show for having written an e-book.
How to decide on the subject, and write it within three months. How to avoid the mistakes people make when submitting to publishers. Small publishers or the biggest? Agent or no agent?
(Check out my titles, Your Life Only A Gazillion Times Better, and That Girl From Happy which are written under my own name, and on the day find out about the titles I have written under another name and still collect 100% of the royalties on.)
Guest speakers include highly successful writers and top publishers. (Great info, great contacts!)
Testimonial - Judymay knows how to get you connected to any form of national media. After one coaching session with Judymay I am now regularly on the BBC and other stations. Others just talk it, she gets you there!
Helen McNutt, writer for Cosmopolitan and GQ.
Day Two – MEDIA. Sunday 3rd September 2006. Get you and your product out there. How to get on the shows of your choice and which ones to avoid and why. I take you through the entire process from having the idea to taking those calls from people who have just seen you live on TV. Guest speakers include people who own radio stations, host radio shows, write for top magazines and newspapers, and TV professionals.

Single day - stg 295, both days - stg 395, includes all materials, personal access to Judy May and the guest speakers, and also a pre-assessment of either your writing or broadcasting skill (this service alone usually runs to more than the cost of the day).

Discount for Yes Group North Members, just quote on enquiry.