Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wednesday 22nd September Meeting, Brigitte Sumner

Our thanks to both our great speakers last month. Very moving stories and superb tools for life!

Ever left the house after some cross words at home and wondered why the rest of the day seemed to just go from bad to worse?

When we are completely in love, communicating effortlessly everything flows more easily, we approach things in a state of possibility thinking.

This month’s speaker has been studying this field with some of the world’s leading experts for a number of years now, as well as being a Tony Robbins trainer, and returns to us with even greater insights and experience from training all over the world.

Brigitte Sumner.
An exploration of authentic and inauthentic masculine and feminine energies.

What is it to be authentically masculine?

What is it to be authentically feminine?

We all have masculine and feminine energies.

How can we live more authentically and balanced between the two?

Brigitte Sumner is the author of Give Him Back His Balls and Get Your Balls Back and has worked with feminine and masculine energies in different scenarios. She qualified as a Trainer, Therapist and Teacher. On her path she has worked with the Eastern principles of Yin and Yang and for the last twenty years has incorporated these in her coaching and group work.

Please let me know that you can come!

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends.

7pm -7:30pm start.

Catherine patel.